THE FOOD By Thaksin, age 10

I am Thaksin. 
I am ten years old. 
I come from Thailand. 
I am learning English. 
I like San Francisco 
because I like bananas and hamburgers. 
I like soccer. 
I learned to play in Thailand.
I like rice. 
I like to play chess. 
I learned how to play it in America.
I love America 
because I like food.
I have a friend. His name is Khenny. 
I play soccer with him.
I live with my father and two brothers on Geary street.
I don’t have a sister.
I like basketball. I am learning how to play it in San Francisco.
When I was in Thailand I rode a motorcycle. 
The motorcycle was red 
and had flames on the sides.
I was scared but it was fun. 
It felt like I was flying, 
but I don’t want to do it again. 
About the Author
 Hi my name is Thaksin. I come from Thailand. I moved here last year in December. I am ten years old. I like to play soccer, basketball, kickball and football. I live in San Francisco with my dad and my brother. I like to eat apples, bananas and hamburgers. I like to drink cola. My best friend is Khenny. He likes to play soccer.