Writing by Catherine, age 10

By Catherine

If the sky were the ocean
then mice would fly
If cavemen were dizzy
then dogs would be cats
If bees were needles
then cockroaches would be pencils
If flowers were cows
then grass would be roosters
If shirts were plastic
then shoes would be metal
And I would lay in a meadow
and look up
and wait
until I get all wet

By Catherine

My name is Catherine Alexandra. My mom chose my first name and my dad chose my middle name. My mom named me Catherine because she saw the name in a book of baby names, and she liked it. My dad named me Alexandra because his middle name is Alexander. People think my name is spelled with a K so I always have to tell them it’s with a C. Some of my relatives call me Cathy and sometimes they call me Catherine with the Spanish pronunciation. My name means “pure.” When I think of the word “pure,” I think of emptiness, but I don’t feel empty. I feel full of kindness and creativity because I like to help and I like to do art.

Six True Stories By Catherine, age 8


My mom always does my hair. Sometimes she does ponytails, sometimes she does French braids. Every day my mom cooks healthy food for me like soup or broccoli. She helps me with my homework every day. She picks me up from school when my dad is in El Salvador.


On holidays my dad always takes care of me and I like this. On holidays my dad takes my mom to work and I stay with him. We go buy McDonalds. We eat it at home together then I watch TV. My dad always goes to El Salvador to visit his grandmother but I don’t because there are mosquitoes there and I don’t like the cheese from there and I am afraid that there will be wars there.


When I was seven I was sick once. My parents were eating watermelon and I really wanted some, but they said no. They said the watermelon was cold and it would make me sicker. We were in the kitchen and it was night.

A Halloween Shot

On Halloween I got a shot. First the doctor checked me, then he came back with a tray with all the stuff he needed. He gave me the shot but I didn’t cry. It was the first time I got a shot and didn’t cry. It hurt but I didn’t cry.


One time I played baseball with my cousins and my uncle I was the pitcher. I pitched, my uncle hit the ball and it hit my nose. I started crying and we stopped playing.


A very long time ago my uncle played baseball. He was the pitcher. When he hit the ball, he ran to one of the bases then the ball hit his elbow. It was almost the end of the game. My family said, “Are you ok?” and he said, “yes.”

About the Author

Hi, my name is Catherine. I am eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I have a really nice grandma who helps me when I’m hurt and takes me to church. I like to play soccer, baseball and basketball. I want to be good at volleyball. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. My biggest fear is scary rides.