WHEN YOU ASK HER WHERE SHE’S FROM By Misu, Binh, Jack & Ali, age 9 and Nhi & Daniel, age 10

Khi Tôi Hỏi Từ Đâu Em Đến
Bởi Nhóm Thơ Phòng 2 Redding

Khi tôi hỏi em
Từ đâu em đến
Em trã lời từ Tenderloin
Tôi nghĩ đến
Những bao giây kẹo
Mọc giong bông hoa
Nhô từ khẽ hỡ xi măng.
Những tíêng rào rạt của
Xe búyt 38 Geary cáng phẳng
Những chai nhựa dọc đừơng
Tịêm bánh mì Saigon gỉưa
Eddy và Larkin
Nơi đó khách hàng xếp hàng
Suot một góc đừơng
Và nơi đó những cọng ngò
Ló khỏi ổ bánh mì Baget
Như con rắn nhóc đầu

Giua khe đá.

ARROWS By Tai, age 12 & Daniel, age 10

By Tai  Luu & 
Daniel Briseno
Three people 
arrows at me.
Only one way out. 
I ran across the deck
and jumped 
over the rails 
into the ocean
A triangle 
sliced through the surface
I tried to pull my gun 
from my pocket.
But I was too slow. 
I was dead.
I was reborn
at the edge of 
a pit. 
I looked down.
through the dirt. 

LITTLE BOY By Sharlene, age 10, Daniel, age 9 & Tai, age 11

Little Boy deals cards 
under my feet.
Little Boy full of cuckoo,
Little Boy full of talking,
Little Boy full of yellow,
Full of I don’t know.
Don’t care.
Little Boy full of pockets,
Full of apples,
Full of butter.
He got a stomachache and
his gut split into pieces.
One heads toward the sky,
One heads north,
Another to the middle of the earth:
1. Ocean
2. Zoo
3. Jungle
4. Space
Full of cuckoo,
Little Boy
Draws four jokers.

CHRISTMAS STORM By Daniel, age 9

I was six. It was Christmas. I woke up before my uncle. He was still asleep next to me. He had a sleeping face and two purple-black eyes because he got in a fight the night before. My dad was already up. He said, “Wake up, everybody. It’s time to put up the lights.” 
My mom pulled out the chairs. I climbed into a chair beside the Christmas tree. I wrapped the tree with lights. I said, “Wow, they’re heavier than I thought.” 
My mom plugged them in then the lights glowed different colors. I said, “Awesome.” I opened my mouth and patted my hands on my cheeks. Wow. Surprise. Electricity. I looked out the window. The clouds turned grey and lightning struck. Thunder rumbled and cracked. The lights stopped blinking and fell down from the tree.
About the Author
Hi, my name is Daniel. I am nine years old. I live with my mom, dad, my two bothers and my two aunties in San Francisco. I like to “pwn cod” people in Modern Warfare 3. I am good at drawing. I want to be good at music. When I grow up I want to be a policeman because I want to fight crime. If I were weather I would be sunshine so I could torture people who hate the heat. I want to be famous for selling art. My favorite author is Jeff Kinney because he writes books that are fun to read.