Name by Mimi, age 10

My American Name

My American name is Mimi. It means “star of the sea.” My dad gave me this name beause when I was living in Singapore, my aunt called me “mei mei,” which means younger sister in Chinese. I am younger than my cousins, that’s why my aunt called me “little sister.” But my dad couldn’t say mei mei, he kept on saying Mimi. So my name became Mimi. My name doesn’t fit me because I’m not the younger sister anymore.

My Vietnamese Name

My Vietnamese name is Vu Minh Hanh. It means happiness and kindness. My mom chose that name for me because she liked the meaning and she wants me to be happy and kind. I kind of like my name because I want to be happy and kind.

The Swimming Contest by Mimi, Age 9

Snowball felt nervous. The lake looked fresh and clean. It smelled like ice-cream. It tasted like cotton candy. The water was hot.

“Go!” screamed the judge. Snowball dove in as fast as she could.

She didn’t want Abby to catch up to her because Snowball remembered that Abby was bragging that she got more trophies than her and now Abby wanted the swimming one. Abby had teased her, “Ha ha, you didn’t get any trophies!” and she walked away.

Bubbles dove in next. They both tried to make Abby dove slower. Snowball made bubbles on Abby’s face.

Bubbles got stuck because Abby kicked her feet really fast in front of Bubbles so Bubbles couldn’t go. Abby stuck her tongue out when she looked back. Abby kept doing it until she bumped her head on a rock. That made her dizzy and Snowball passed her along with Bubbles. They had only 10 more minutes to get to the finish line.

Abby caught up to Snowball and Bubbles tried to slow her down by making bubbles on Abby’s face. Snowball and Bubbles almost got to the finish line. But Abby caught up and now all three girls were swimming side by side. The finish line was of front of them. Abby pushed Snowball aside and Snowball pushed her back.

“The winner is Snowball!” screamed the judge.

“Yay!” said Snowball. Snowball received a trophy that had a number “1” on it.

“Good game!” said Bubbles. They shook hands. Abby made a grouchy face at Snowball.

“No fair!” said Abby. Snowball and Bubbles walked away.

“Let’s go!” said Snowball.

“Ok” said Bubbles. They both went back to their tents and continued to play Legos.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Mimi. My birthday is August 5, 1999. I live in an apartment with my mom, dad, and sister. I like to play computer games and watch TV. I am good at art. I want to be good at grammar and math. I want to work at a Build-A-Bear workshop when I grow up. I would be a rabbit if I were an animal because rabbits are cute and cuddly. My biggest fear is poisonous insects. I wonder if there are other planets that don’t have good oxygen but are still here in our solar system.