Stink and Ink were walking down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. CRASH! Stink bumped into a pole.

“Are you hurt Stink?” Ink said, eating the rest of Stink’s chocolate.

“No and take your filthy hands off of my chocolate,” Stink said, trying to steal the chocolate back.

“Do you think we should visit our parents?”

“Sure,” Ink said, “but we should prepare one question to annoy them, and why are you changing the subject? Ink bit her fingernails as if they were chocolate.

“No reason,” said Stink.


“Because we killed them, remember?”

“Oh right, I had forgot.” Ink said.

“Ink, don’t be so stupid. We can get our answers to where we were born from Aunt Pink and Uncle Think.”

“Okay, but when do we go?”


“Yes, right now,” said Ink.

Stink and Ink’s Aunt Pink and Uncle Think lived in a pink house because Aunt Pink loves the color pink.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Now who in the world would that be?” Aunt Pink said. “Don’t come in.”

“Too bad,” Stink said. “Let us come in or I’ll break down the door.”

Aunt Pink opened the door.

“Hi,” Stink said, licking his fingers, ignoring Aunt Pink.

“Hello,” Ink said.

“You two again?” Aunt Pink said.

“Where’s Uncle Think,” Ink asked.

“I’m coming,” Uncle Think said from upstairs.

“We got one questions to ask the both of you,” Stink said.

“Ask away,” Uncle Think said.

“Can you tell us why we were named Stink and Ink?” Ink asked.

“Well, Stink was born with an odor and Ink was born covered in dark slime.”

“Thanks for your time, bye,” Stink said as he walked to the door.

“Wait,” Uncle Think said.

“What?” said Stink.

“We saw a poster outside. Maybe you could use it,” Uncle Think said.

“What for?” said Stink.

“Because if you had the 500k award you might share it with us,” Aunt Pink said.

“Why should we share it with you?” Ink said.

“Because we’re the ones who showed you the poster,” Aunt Pink said.

“Sure,” Stink said but he crossed his fingers.

“Thanks for all your time,” Stink said.

“Bye,” Ink said.

The twins headed down Melrose Avenue.

“That wasn’t annoying at all.”

“What wasn’t annoying?” said Stink.

“That whole interaction,” said Ink.

“Whatever,” said Stink.

“Let’s get out of here.”

As stink and Ink walked home, Spy Master did his business next to a nearby bush.

“Ink, how would you like to become a boy?” Spy Master asked. “But only for a week.”

“No,” Ink said. “Boys are so disgusting, they don’t care about fashion. But, it does sound interesting. When can I start?”

“After you finish your new mission,” Spy Master said. “Which is to soak Jasion in toilet water. He has become the Flaming
Sorcerer of Death.”

“The cops are offering $500K for his capture,” Said Ink.

“Forget about the cops,” the Spy Master said. “You work for me.”

“We understand,” Stink said. “But why toilet water?”

“I just want to be mean he to him,” Spy Master said. “So I’ll just present you with two fully filled toilet water guns.” The Spy Master pulled the guns from his coat pocket and handed them to the twins.

“That brand is way old,” Ink said. “You should get in fashion.”

“Two machine guns,” Stink said.

“Only water guns,” Spy Master said.

“What else have you got?” Ink said.

“The new and improved water gun,” Spy Master read off of the package. “Water gun, sprays out water rapidly and can carry three bottles of water to spray at a time. Caution: The gun’s weakness is chocolate. It will clog.”

“But Ink doesn’t get to be a boy,” Spy Master said.

“Fine, but we get new spy suits and all the accessories because ours are falling apart,” Stink said. “Or we’ll quit.”

“Well none of my business,” Spy Master said. “But you better not quit or I’ll hire Jasion to kill you.” he said, bluffing.

“Fine then deal with Jasion yourself,” Ink said to Stink.

“Oh no or I’ll take your spy ID,” Spy Master said. “Yes,” Spy Master said sarcastically.

“Give us new suits first,” Ink said, trying to grab a chocolate bar from Spy Master’s pocket.

The twins went to the hospital and stole some needles. They needed them to drug the Spy Master. It would be best if he were unconscious for their mission. They took the bus from the hospital to the Spy Master’s lab. They shot the Spy Master while he was not looking and he fell out of his chair. His mask fell off. It was actually Jasion. Stink and Ink took out their cameras and snapped a few pictures of the flaming sword and ran.

“Why are we running?” Stink said. “We have water to spray at the flame sword.” They ran back and sprayed water at Jasion’s flaming sword. “Now to the police.”

“What is the number again?”

“I think it’s 311,” Ink said.

Stink took out his cell phone and dialed 311.

“Hello MUNI service,” a man said.

“Um… sorry wrong call,” Stink said.

Next he dialed 111, 211, 411, 611, 711, 811, and 911.

“Hello police, may I help you,” a man said.

“Yes,” Stink said. “I got Jasion and the legendary flaming sword but they’re drenched in toilet water, now give us the money on the poster.”

The poster pictured the flaming sword and Jasion picking his nose. It offered a 500k reward for his capture.

“I’ll give you the money if you slice Jasion’s head off,” the man said.

“Ok,” Stink said. “Wait, but I don’t have a knife. So I’m going to drag him to the station.”

One minute later…

“How’d you get here so fast?” the man said.

“We were next door,” Ink said. “Our money?”

“Here,” the man said, handing over several stacks of cash.

Ink counted the money. “It’s only $499, 999. You’re missing a dollar.”

“Fresh out.”

“Fine, we’ll just turn him into the Fire Department.”

“Fine, here’s your dollar,” said the man.

Stink turned to Ink. “Give him Jasion.”

“Here,” Ink said.

Aunt Pink and Uncle Think were at home waiting for Stink and Ink to come back and give them some of the reward money.

“Where are they?” Aunt Pink said.

Stink and Ink left the Police Department and wandered down a street. They weren’t paying attention to where they were going.

“Where are we going?” Stink said.

“To Aunt Pink’s house,” Ink said.

“No, No, No,” said Stink.

“Why?” Ink said.

“Because I don’t want to share the money!” Stink said.

“But we’re here silly,” Ink said, laughing.

They stood in front of the big pink house.

“Hello children,” Uncle Think said. “Where is my money?” He stared at their hands.

“Hi! Aren’t you going to invite us in first?” Stink said.

“No! We want the money right now!” Uncle Think said. Aunt Pink walked to the door.

“So where is my money?” Aunt Pink said.

“How do you know if we have it?” Stink said.

“Well, the internet says that you and Ink just captured Jasion and the flame sword!” Aunt Pink said.

“So where is my money?”

“Hey, don’t talk like that,” Uncle Think said.

“Are you talking to me?” Aunt Pink said.

“Yes,” Uncle Think Said.

While Aunt Pink and Uncle Think argued, Stink and Ink stood there looking.

“Should we leave?” Stink said.

“I guess so,” Ink said and turned toward the door.

About the Authors

Hey my name is Holly. I am 11 years old. I live with my mom, dad, and brother. I like to chat with my friends online. I am good at many things such as making people laugh and running. I want to be good at reading someday. I want to be a photographer when I grow up. I am different from other kids because I laugh a lot during class time. One thing I wonder is, why do zebras have to be black and white? If I were a food I would be chocolate because it makes me crazy. I’m starting middle school soon. I hope I’ll get use to my new school. I am also the author of The Time I Went to the Hospital, The Spy Twins, Spy Master’s Death, and this post about our class mural.

Hi my name is Linda and I am 10 years old. I live with my mom, dad, my sisters Lena and Lara and my brother. I like to draw, read and talk with my friends. I am good at spelling and reading. I want to be good at drawing and writing. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I am different from other kids because I am the only one with braces in Room 2. The thing that confuses me is the reason people have war. If I were I planet I would be Pluto because I like cold weather. I hope I can make as many new friends in middle school as I did in Room 2.

Attack of the ipod & the Happy, Tiny Mom by Linda, age 8

A scientist made an experiment with dust. She got the dust under her couch at home. She was trying to make dust that could control electronic things. She took a rocket to Mars and collected green slime that contained dead bugs. She came back to Earth and mixed the slime with the dust from under her couch. The slimy dust started to puff up and flew out an open window and landed on somebody’s ipod.

The ipod began to walk, talk and wack people with its earphones, and torture people. It went to a blue house. The ipod knocked on the door and the owner came out.

The owner said, “Hello?”

The ipod wacked the owner with its earphones. The owner’s face was bloody and it looked like a tiger had scratched him. The ipod went to each neighborhood and wacked everybody in the city. But the ipod didn’t wack a girl named Emily because Emily wasn’t an ordinary girl. She was a super hero named Water Wave. When she was little, Emily got shot by a spray of green, slimy water. She felt something strange. Then she got super powers. She could control water and water animals.

Emily heard a wack!! It was the ipod monster. It was in Emily’s neighborhood. After school Emily heard the wack again. It was still coming from Emily’s neighborhood. She ran home as fast as she could. When Emily got home, she was breathing hard. Emily stopped breathing for a moment. Emily’s parents were gone!! She looked all over the house. Emily heard the wack again. She heard a scream. She heard her mom yelling, “HELP!!”

Emily turned blue and grew scales. Now she was Water Wave. Water Wave saw the ipod take away her mom. “What are you doing with my mom?” Water Wave said. “Mom!!”

“I will experiment on you with my invention, the Shrink Ray,” said the ipod. The ipod found his shrink ray in the middle of town. “Yes,” he said in a deep, dark voice. The ipod went to the Shrink Ray and shrunk Emily’s mom.

Emily’s mom screamed, “Help me!” in a high, squeaky voice.

Water Wave was hiding under a fire hydrant, so she busted it open with her fist. Then a burst of water flew through the air and shot the ipod down to the ground. The ipod exploded in the air and never came back ever. The evil spirit never took over the ipod again.

Emily’s mom saw a tiny man on a leaf in the forest. “Hello?” the tiny mom said.

“Mommy?” said the tiny man.

“What?” said the tiny mom.

“Are you my mommy?”


“Who are you?”

“I’m a mom, but not your mom.”

“Do you want to come over for dinner?”


“Here’s some sauce that I found on the sand,” said Emily’s mom. “You can put it in the chicken that fell from the sky.”

“Uh ok.”

The tiny mom got stuck in the chicken while she tried to pour sauce on it. “Ahhhhhhhh! I’m stuck in the chicken!”

“What?” said the tiny man.

“Help me!”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not tall enough!”

“Climb then!”

“Ok.” So the man found a piece of string and climbed up the chicken then threw it to Emily’s mom. “Hold on to this!”

“Ok!” The woman grabbed onto the string and climbed out. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The man and the woman ate the chicken and fell asleep and fell in love and got married.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Linda. I am eight and a half years old. I live with my mom, dad, two sisters and a brother. I like to draw and read. This is my first published book. I am scared of bugs and I share a room with my brother. His name is Leslie and he’s sixteen. He takes up a lot of space. My cousins are Ivy, Anthony, Evan, Kevin, and Jackie.