Its black eyes 
shimmer and
lighten the
A pink flower
on its belly.
I leave it in
the box
my mom
gave me.
She said,
this box
is the
I pulled off the lid.
At the bottom of the box,
a bottle of
cute hot
at me.
The necklace wrapped
around its neck
Too light
to come with us

THE STOLEN DIAMOND By Tran & Anna, both age 8

Trees whooshed in the wind. Snowflakes floated onto their branches. A diamond shined in the dirt. It had the power of invisibility. The ogre wanted it because he always wanted to be invisible and steal things like jewelry. But two strong guards stood in front of the diamond. The guards had big muscles like a bull.
The ogre stepped into the Halloween store. A boy in a ghost costume popped up from the floor. The ogre gasped and jumped. “You scared me!” he said, running to the register.
“Hey,” the boy said. “Nice costume. What’s your name?” 
“Please,” the ogre said. “This is not a costume.” 
The boy started crying and called for his mom. 
“Please, stop crying,” the ogre said, staring the boy in the eye. “I’m sorry for yelling.” 
The boy wiped his tears with a tissue from his pocket then he threw it in the trash. The ogre walked to the trashcan and dumped the trash on the floor. He found the boy’s tissue stuffed inside a coffee cup. He put the tissue in his pocket. The worker stared at the trash and then at the ogre. 
“Can I help you?” she said. 
He said, “Do you have a security guard costume?” 
“You’re already wearing a an ogre costume!” the worker said.
“This is not a costume, Dumbo!” the ogre said. “I am an ogre.” 
“Check aisle 3.”

On the way to the forest the ogre found a spot and put on the costume. He went to the guards and said, “Let me guard the diamond.” They said, “Ok, but don’t let anybody steal the diamond, especially the ogre.”
The ogre touched cage and it gave him. an electrical shock. He found the controller and pushed a red button. The cage opened. He grabbed the diamond then he heard beep beep beep and ran away. The guards heard the beep beep beep so they ran back and saw the diamond missing.
They looked all around the woods. They found a cabin and looked through the window saw something shiny on the floor. It was the diamond! They knocked on the door. The ogre looked through the door hole and mumbled to himself, “Oh no.” The guards pushed through the door. The ogre’s hand gripped the diamond. He ran past the guards and trudged through the snow as fast as he could. The guards chased him up a tree and he jumped down into the snow. The guards jumped down too and handcuffed the ogre and brought him to jail. They put him in the strongest cage. The next day they checked on him and saw that he was dead. They opened the cage and the ogre jumped up and said, “So long suckers!” The ogre was only playing dead.
The ogre went to the diamond’s cage and touched it and it gave him another electrical shock. He found the controller under a table behind the cage. Then he pressed the red button and the cage opened up. He saw the guards coming so he snatched the diamond and left.
The ogre went back to the halloween store. He walked to the register and said, “I want to return this costume because I am done with it.”
The worker said, “You already wore it so you can not return it.”
The ogre was about to yell but he stopped himself. On the way out he saw the little boy in the ghost costume who scared him the last time he was in the store. The boy lifted the sheet from his head. Scabs were peeling from his face. It looked painful. The ogre walked to the boy and asked, “Are you still sad?”
The boy said, “I have no friends.” The ogre said, “What a coincidence. I am trying to make friends.”
About the Authors
Hi, my name is Anna. I’m eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, grand- ma and grandpa. I was born on September 30, 2004 in China. I like to play foursquare with my BFF Tran. I’m good at being funny to everybody. When I grow up I want to be a doctor who treats grown-ups. If I was a food I would be sushi because it is delicious. The scari- est thing is a dream a have a lot where I am locked inside Trad- er Joe’s by myself. If I had a superpower it would be the power to stop people from teasing. I hate when people say “Anna Banana.” My family comes from Toisan and I wish I lived there forever because I don’t think they have teasing there. I speak Chinese at home. My favorite authors are Eric Carle and Dr.Seuss because they make great books. Also, I am my other other favorite. I’m also the author of China and Other Poems. This is my second published book.
Hi! My name is Tran. I’m eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my brothers, sisters, mom, and dad. I want to be good at typing fast. When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician and I want to be a famous artist. If I had a super-power it would be to run fast. My mom and dad were born in Saigon, Vietnam. I want to live in Vietnam because I miss my family. I speak Vietnamese at home. My favorite Room 2 au- thors are Jessica C. and Anna because they are great friends to have. My other favorite authors are J.R.R.Tolkein and Cornelia Funke. My favorite books are The Thief Lord and The Hobbit. My favorite weather is in summer because it doesn’t rain in the summer here. The scariest time in my life was when I got locked in a dark bathroom. I am also the author of Black Polka Dots. This is my second published book.


When my mom is in China
she sounds like a little girl 
and she smells like mango. 
When the wind blows, 
her hair flies into her eyes.
When I was in China it was very hot. 
I did not have a fan. 
I wore a white t-shirt and
the color camouflaged me against the wall.
I climbed up onto a tall chair
to open the window.
The mailman knocked on the door. 
My uncle was busy cooking 
and he told me to open it.
I did not listen to him 
because I was watching TV. 
My uncle got mad.  
He used a silver hammer to hit the television, 
and the screen shattered.
Steps to Making a Snowman
First I roll a giant snowball. 
I roll the ball again to make it bigger. 
I roll another ball to make the body. 
Then I poke two sticks into the body to make the arms. I carve a hole for the mouth.
I get stones and push them into the man’s face. 
These stones are the eyes.
About the Author
Hi, my name is Anna. I’m eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad and grandma. I like to cook with my mom. I am good at painting and when I grow up I want to be a famous painter. I also want to be a chef. If I were a plant I would be a rose because roses are pretty. My favorite book is Todd & Ben. The author is my classmate Tai! If I had a super power I would make it snow all over the world. My family comes from Taiwan and I went there before. I speak Chinese at home. The scariest thing to me is darkness. China and Other Poems is my first published book.