Dark clouds flowed through the sky. Lightning struck a tree in the castle garden.
“My book is missing,” Tubleboard said.
“Your Book of Spells?” Agdor said. Vines snaked over his shoulder.
Fez and Hugh hid behind a nearby tree. “If we can find that book,” Fez said, “We can be heroes.” 
  “Okay,” Hugh whispered.
The boys left their hiding place and approached the men.
“Can we fight?” Hugh and Fez said.
“No,” said Tubleboar.
Tubleboar’s eyes twitched. A red jacket hung from his shoulders. His blue boots kicked at rocks. Tubleboar removed a wand from his cloak and wiggled it. It flew into the air and dropped to the ground. Dust sprinkled over the dirt. The specks smashed together and blew in a whirlwind. A figure appeared in the middle of it. Flames whooshed from his spine. Sparks landed at his feet. Hugh and Fez jogged away from the monster. They swung their palms through the air and two bolts of lightning zigzagged through the sky. Then a centaur jumped in front of them. Red stars sparkled on the monster’s robe. He took out a wand and wove it through the air. A dragon flew over Fez’s head. A centaur rode on the dragon’s back. “Raft of doom!” he yelled.
An army of centaurs galloped toward the boys, swinging their swords back and forth. Hugh and Fez picked up two huge rocks to protect themselves from the attack. The centaurs’ blades spattered acid in the boys’ eyes and they fell to the ground. One of the centaurs zapped the air, and fog spread all around. He dashed like lighting to where the boys lay on the ground and choked them with his bare hands then threw them in the air. Fez and Hugh fell to the ground again and hid behind  rocks. The centaur waved his palm and put his hands together and a fireball appeared above his head and grew bigger and bigger, paralyzing Fez and Hugh. The centaur chained up the boys’ sprained legs. “You will be meeting Fumbletorch,” he said, and dragged the boys all the way to his kingdom. He locked them up in a cage in the dungeon. A man walked up to the bars wearing a red cloak. 
Hugh said, “I think that is Fumbletorch.”
“You will taste my rain of terror,” Fumbletorch said, and dragged the boys out of their cage. He pulled them into the hall. Hugh twisted his leg and spun around. The centaur let go of the chains. Hugh got up and kicked the centaur down. He hit the ground with a thump. The boys took his armor off and hurried into it. They dragged him to a chamber and locked him up.  
The boys found a piece of paper in Fumbletorch’s pocket. They opened it. It was the centaurs’ attack plans. Hugh and Fez pointed their wands at the wall. A portal opened up in the brick and they jumped into it.
At their fort they showed Tubleboar the centaurs’ plans. 
“You have shown your worth,” he said. “You can fight. Return to the centaurs’ kingdom,” Tubleboar said. “Use your portal. Report to Agdor.”
  The boys appeared behind a tree growing over the Centaur castle wall. Fez peeked around the tree’s trunk, spying on the centaurs protecting the wall. They ran around the kingdom with their wands. A black-robed wizard crawled over to Fez and said, “I am Agdor. A rocket is going to blast from behind those trees.” 
Moments later meteors dove through the sky. Centaur brains and guts scattered over the boys’ legs.
“Attack!” shouted the centaurs. 
Fez, Hugh, and the wizards ran toward the centaur castle and threw spears over its wall. They heard yelling coming from the other side. Fez and Hugh climbed the wall. They got to the top and jumped down. They ran through the castle door. No one was there. Fez and Hugh dashed through the castle. They tried the doors but the centaurs blocked the way. The guardians of Fumbletorch yelled, “Intruders!” Centaurs spun their wands, and twisters appeared mid-air and smashed the castle gates open. 
Centaurs shot fireballs at Fez and Hugh. Fez spun his wand. The fireballs reflected back at the centaurs. Hugh opened a portal. “Get in!” The boys jumped in. They emerged at a beach. A book floated into Fez’s hands. The boys opened it. It was Tubleboar’s Book of Spells. Fez flipped to a spell called For the Riddance of Centaurs. “That’s the page, now say the spell.”
Centauros, ire. 
Relinquere hoc terra post. 
Tu olim caelo exulat. 
Sanguinem fluent in inferno  

Centaurs fell to the ground. Blood splattered everywhere. The kingdom walls broke, the castle crashed to the ground. 
About the Author
Hi! My name is Jimmy. I am eight years old. I am turning nine this month. I live with my mom, dad and sister. I like to play basketball, volleyball and dodge ball with my friends. I am good at playing dodge ball. I would like to be good at social studies and science one day. If I were weather I would pick rain so I could soak people’s clothes. I would like to be famous for making a time machine so I could travel back in time. If could have any super power it would be flying so I wouldn’t have to take the bus. I want to go to the year 2024 so I could see how I will look when I am thirty years old. My family is from China and Vietnam. I have been to Vietnam but never China. I would like to go there to see the Great Wall. I speak Cantonese and English at home. This is my first published book.