The Man Who Wants a Head by Stanley, age 10

Yang wants a head. He really wants a regular head so the killing time begins. He wants to kill someone and get their head and put it on his neck so he can show off. Now his new plan is to kill someone famous so he will look cool and so people will be so jealous of him.

He is the vice president of the Department of Fines. He talks through a box. He types what he wants to say into a computer and then a voice comes out of a box connected to it. There are glass eyes stuck to the box. When people pay their fines, he rolls the glass eyes at them.

This is how he kills. He grabs Jackie Chan and ties him on a chair then cuts his head off with a blade then he dies. This is how he attaches the head to his own body. He sews it on with a needle and thread. When Yang gets the new head he acts like the famous guy he just killed.

When people see him sing his happy song they say, “Good song,” because they do not want to be fined. Yang’s job is all about giving people fines so people are afraid of making him mad. But when Yang hears a guy named Mr. Earwax say, “Good song,” he wants him to get fined because Yang thinks it was a bad song, even though he was singing it. That’s what he did, fined the guy and then kicked him with a kung fu move.

About the Author

Hi my name is Stanley. I am ten years old. I like to go to the movies and play chess with my friend. I am good a math and science. Someday I want to be good at history. When I grow up I want to be a pilot. It really confuses me when math and science are together. If I were a disaster, I would be an earthquake because I want to see a lot things get destroyed for real. If I was granted one wish I would go to the past and see the 1906 earthquake.

Name by Stanley, age 9

My American name is Stanley. It means “stony meadow.” My dad named me. He chose this name because he liked it. He didn’t tell me why. My Chinese name is Wu Jian Hua. It means a lot of things. It means “healthy, grow up strong, prosperous and rich.” My grandma chose this name because she likes the meaning of it. All these meanings make me think about what I’m going to do when I grow up because I want prosperity and money and strength when I grow up. The “stony meadow” meaning fits too because rocks are hard and strong, and meadows make me think of growing up.

The Green Bone by Stanley, age 10

Lamara flew to Greenland. He saw signs that said THAT WAY, THIS WAY, BOTH WAYS, STOP WAY, and one said FREEWAY. He thought he was in a maze. He went north.

A pig jumped out from behind one of the signs and said, “I am the fat pig.”

Lamara hit the pig’s face and it melted. The boy found a green bone and it smelled like dirty underwear. When he got out of the maze, a pair of underwear with hands and legs appeared. The underwear cast a spell on Lamara: “Wam ma poma do-do boeey dmm goo-gooh, kjugiuygiiyrfgjk.”

The spell made him disappear from where he was. He felt shaky and dizzy and he threw up. He hit the ground. Trees oozed red sap. One-eyed maps flew around the trees. The maps smelled like rotten apples and cried, “Appa dah, appa dah, leeeee.”

A boy named Ham walked up to him and said, “Are you my friend?”

“Do you want to be my wife?” Lamara said.

Lamara felt something tap his back. It was his mom.

“Go to the Aswow King,” she said. “Tell him to unlock the fat spell that got me when I was cooking computers.”

Lamara went west. He found the Aswow King and said, “I will kill you if you don’t unlock this spell!”

The King clapped his feet to unlock the spell.

Lamara went home. Ham was inside the house but Lamara didn’t know why.

“I am your mom,” Ham said.

About the Author

I am Stanley. I am ten years old. I live in San Francisco and I like to go to the movies. I am good at math and science. Someday I want to be good at winning contests. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. If I were an animal I would be a tiger because they roar. My biggest fear is too many people in my house. I wonder if cats ever kill dogs. I am also the author of Monst Bump, The FF 200, My Grandma, Suxiang Chen and The Number Nine Bus.

Teeth by Stanley, age 9

Now I am a girl, but when I grow up I will get new teeth. The teeth will be black and they will have flower stickers on them. The teeth will give me magic powers. I will fly to the sky. I will be like Superman. When I’m in the sky I will do the Teletubby dance then I will do the Barney dance. Everyone will say, “You are super cool!” When I fall out of the sky I will be a big, red, digital clock.

My Grandma, Suxiang Chen by Stanley, age 9

My grandma’s name is Suxiang Chen. She was born in 1945 in China. She has four sisters and one brother. When she was young she just worked. She did not play games. She had to feed animals and sell things to get money. She went to school, but only for first grade. Her mom had to sell a warm jacket to get money to pay for the school. She ate rice and soup, but only a little bit. Sometimes there was no food. Her family had to grow rice and my grandma worked in the rice paddy when she was little.

My grandma came to San Francisco on October 15, 2003 to live with my family. She came so she could have a better life. Her fist day in San Francisco she went to a Chinese restaurant. Her first day here was exciting!

My grandma likes to look at pictures of China in books. They help her remember China. Sometimes I look at them with her and I see the places my grandma took me when I was little.

About the Author

My name is Stanley. I like math and science. I also like doing papier mache. I chew on my sleeves. I don’t know why. I like to play kickball. I am also the author of “The FF 200,” “Monst Bump” and “The Number Nine Bus.”

The FF 200 by Stanley, age 8

Sam saw a jet. The jet was called the FF 200. It was blue and it was made out of metal. Sam went back to his house. He always liked to drink milk. His mom heard the telephone ring. She answered it and said, “Let’s go to Canada so we can have fun.”

The next day Sam and his mom went to the airplane. They got on with her friend. When they were on the airplane they looked out the window. They saw a jet. It was the same airplane Sam saw before, the FF 200. It was blocking the plane Sam and his mom were in because their plane had a bad pilot who couldn’t fly past the FF 200.

A man in the FF 200 said into a big speaker, “Your airplane gives you poisonous food. It will make you sick!” He told everyone in Sam’s airplane to get down from the plane. So Sam’s mom pressed a button then a ladder went down to the ground from the plane.

Then the bad pilot of Sam’s plane said, “No!” So the bad pilot pulled up the ladder and used it to slap the FF 200. The FF 200’s pilot used a machine to destroy Sam’s airplane. The pilot of the FF 200 pressed a button and then Sam’s airplane exploded. But everybody survived because they already escaped down the ladder.

About the Author

My name is Stanley I am eight and a half. I have a pet crayfish. It is fun to feed him. I am scared of nothing. I wonder if crayfish ever ride jets. My best friend is Ezra.