Swirling Pink Tornado by Bernice, age 10

“What are you going to be for Halloween?” asked Loretta.

“What do you mean?” whispered Tina. “I never wear a costume. I don’t even celebrate it except for the part where you go trick-or-treating.”

Loretta looked puzzled. “What? You don’t celebrate it? Why? I always celebrate it and it’s so fun.”

Ring ring. “Time to go to class,” said Tina.

“Hey, wait for me.”

But Tina was already in the classroom.

“Darn, that brainless Tina left me behind, and now I have to run. Great, my clothes are sweaty,” Loretta said to herself, digging in her backpack for perfume.

I’m a Barbie girl in a super world. Loretta’s cell phone was ringing. Loretta stopped looking in her backpack and answered her call.

“Hello, who is it?” Loretta said.

“Hi, it’s mom. Remember to eat healthier.”


“Loretta absent, again!” Mr. Husha yelled, combing his fingers through his beard.

Loretta was still in the hall.

“Ahhh! I’m late,” shrieked Loretta, running across the hall. “Finally I’m here.”

As Loretta reached for the pink glittered door, Mr. Husha swung it open.

“Hey you almost hurt my pretty little fingers,” Loretta said.

“If you ever come late you’re going to kiss the floor a hundred times!” Mr. Husha screamed, showing his silver and gold teeth.

Loretta was shocked and really embarrassed so she ran to her seat.

“Yippie! It’s Halloween and you know what I do every Halloween.” The class was silent and wondered what Mr. Husha would do.

“I bet that he’s going to give us a packet of homework,” said a boy in a green striped sweater.

“Well you’re wrong, Greeny,” said Mr. Husha. “You are going to go trick-or-treating and share all the candy with me except the mints.”

“Great, now I need a costume. Mr. Husha is now more than crazy,” Tina whispered to Loretta.

“To tell you the truth, you don’t need a costume. You’re already ugly so you can be the ugly step-sister in Cinderella and I can be Cinderella. All you need to do is to wear any old dress and paint a beauty mark on your face, ” Loretta whispered back.

“Uh, you think I’m ugly, you’re just not a real friend I am so not your friend,” Tina wrote on a paper she passed to Loretta.

Loretta said nothing and kept on thinking about what Tina had written. After class Tina started to hang out with Mura Lamba, the girl who had once stolen Loretta’s shiny pens.

Loretta was still angry about what Tina said to her and started to think of revenge.

During lunchtime Loretta secretly went to the janitor’s closet where the janitor lied around drunk and smelly. When Loretta got to him she wondered why the principal didn’t fire him.

“Hey Mr. Janitor can you give me a bucket of super dirty smelly and nasty black water,” Loretta said, pinching her nose because of the awful smell.

“So what will you give me?” the janitor answered.

“I’ll give you my chocolate cookie and one dollar and fifty cents so you can take the bus home,” Loretta said.

“I don’t live in a home, I live in my beautiful janitor’s closet,” moaned the janitor.

Hiedi stared at the closet and was curious about why he liked it. There were spider webs that hung like leaves and bottles of chemicals piled up like football players.

“You call your closet beautiful but it’s smelly and dirty, I mean look at that dust and cobwebs. Don’t you ever go outside?” asked Loretta.

“Yeah yeah, this is my home, and I know you’re jealous of my pretty little home. So about the deal — add a new pair of Superman underwear and you got a deal,” said the janitor.

“How about two more cookies?” asked Loretta.

“Ok, but I want an oatmeal and toilet paper topping,” the janitor sang, waving his beer bottle.

Then Loretta secretly went to Rite-Aid to buy some cookies. As she walked, a swirling pink tornado sucked her up.

“Ahhhh,” Loretta screamed. Wait a minute, if I don’t scream I won’t sound like a baby Loretta thought. So she said nothing and closed her eyes. This is so cool maybe if aliens are watching me they might think that I’m cool too,. When Loretta opened her eyes she was in a van decorated with lots of funky colors. There were about a thousand glow-in-the-dark peace signs stuck on the wall.

“Where am I and why does this van look so funky?” Loretta said to herself.

The air smelled like it just rained.

Just then a woman with a peace necklace, rainbow headband and brown hair as long as a small intestine (which is, I think is 20 feet) came into the van.

“Who are you and how did I get here?” Loretta asked the lady in front of her.

“I am you and I summoned you to come. I’m your future you.”

“Are you really, really the future me?” Loretta asked.

“Yes child, please don’t be alarmed about how I look. It doesn’t matter.

“So why am I even here and how did you get me to come?”

“Well I just happen to have some powers. Your question about why you’re here is about your plan for revenge.” future Loretta said.

“What about it? Is it going to ruin my life?”

“Well, when it happened I (or you) got in serious trouble, when Tina got wet her parents yelled at me then soon I was kicked out of the school. I couldn’t go to any school because they wouldn’t accept me.”

“So did your parents kick you out? How did you even get your education?” Loretta asked, staring at her future.

“Well, my parents kicked me out for the week so I went downtown to get a job. I played music with my guitar in the streets and people tried to take me to Child Protective Services.”

“Did anyone adopt you?”

“I don’t want to talk about that.”

Grrrr ring.

“Time is up child, remember what might happen.”

Just then the pink tornado reappeared and took Loretta back to school.

Think about it, Loretta told herself, landing in the empty hall. Hmm I better not do it. I don’t want to be kicked out of school. She thought and thought. “Ahh, I made up my mind I’m not going to spill anything.” Loretta looked at her reflection on the shiny lockers.

Ring… ring…. ring.

Everyone was dashing out of doors, trying to get home as fast as they could but not Loretta or Tina.

“Hey I’m sorry. I will never make any rude comments and never do any tricks and will always tell you the truth,” Loretta said.

“Sure,” Tina said, laughing like heck.

“Okay I was going to spill dirty water on you,” Loretta said.

Just then Mura Lamba and the janitor came carrying a bucket of dirty water.

“Where’s my cookie?” they both asked.

Loretta stared at Tina.

“You were planning on that too?” Loretta asked.

“No, I just hired Mara to spill it on the stinky janitor so one day he’ll take a bath,” Tina said.

“I think that’s a pretty good plan,” Loretta said.

“You just pretended to be my friend so you could spill dirty water on the janitor?” Mara said, gritting her teeth.

“You call me stinky? Well I have a surprise for you,” the janitor yelled.

Then the janitor and Mara spilled dirty water on Loretta and Tina’s backpacks.

“Iiiilllllll,” Loretta and Tina yelled, dumping their backpacks in the lost and found box.

“If Mr.Husha asks, where our homework is, just say that your baby cousin threw up on it,” Tina said, pointing at their smelly backpacks.

“Good plan,” Loretta said, as they both walked to the door.

“Bye bye,” Loretta said, running to the bus.

The 9x arrived full of old ladies with long canes and hair as white as coconut meat. Tina climbed up the steps and Loretta ran to the 9ax bus, both waving their hands goodbye.

About the Author

Hi my name is Bernice. I’m ten years old and I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. I am good at origami and making clay sculptures. Someday I want to be good at math and science. When I grow up I want to be a doctor, cook, or a sculptor.