Disaster Cake By Michelle W., age 11 & Nhung, age 8

“Let’s make a cake for mommy and daddy!” Jenny said, jumping up and down.

“Ok!” Benny agreed. They ran inside. When they looked in the living room they saw an old lady. It was their baby-sitter. She slept on the couch. She snored.

“What a rip-off! This baby-sitter is lame,” Jenny complained. “Anyways, let’s go make that cake!” Benny and Jenny froze and stopped Nhung and Michelle.

“Wait a minute!” Benny said. “Do we even know how to make a cake?”

“We’ve seen Mom make a cake for my birthday,” Michelle said.

“Where is the recipe book?” Nhung said.

“Let’s do it ourselves!” Michelle suggested.

“Okay, to the kitchen!” Nhung said.

Benny and Jenny went to the living room and found a black and white magic wand under their couch.

“Hey, Jenny, come here!” Benny said.

“Where did you get that wand?” Jenny said, her eyes widening.

“I found it under the couch!” Benny said. “Let’s use it.”

“Okay!” Jenny said.

They got a bowl, spoon, scissors, salt, ice cream, onion, rotten eggs, and play dough. Nhung poured ice cream into the bowl. Michelle poured in the salt and started to mix it. Nhung carefully placed the rotten eggs in the bowl, got a spoon, and crushed the eggs. Michelle broke the wand into bits. She threw it in the bowl. Nhung placed the play dough in. They also dropped in the scissors and Jenny chopped the onion. She sniffled and cried. Michelle gave the bowl to Benny.

“Here, Benny,” said Michelle. “Put this somewhere safe.”

“Okay!” Benny said.

“I’m going to ride my tricycle. I’ll be back in thirty minutes.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Nhung said, sitting on the couch watching television with the baby-sister.

The baby-sitter was still sleeping and she didn’t wake up.

“Is she dead?” Jenny said, poking the baby-sitter.

“Wait Michelle!” Benny shouted.

Michelle wasn’t there.

“Hey, Jenny,” Benny yelled.

“What?” Jenny said.

“Put this cake batter somewhere.”

“Ok…,” Jenny said. “But where?”

“I don’t know put it anywhere.”

Jenny walked to the bathroom. She carefully put the bowl in the toilet and gently closed the lid.

“I’m going to go back to Michelle’s room to sleep on her soft, warm, furry bed,” Nhung said, yawning.

“Who cares what you do!” Benny said, ignoring Nhung.

Michelle opened the door. “Where’s the cake?” she asked.

“It’s in the toilet,” Jenny said.

“WHAT!?” Michelle said, growling. “Are you an idiot? I meant in the refrigerator!”

“You never mentioned that! Next time, be specific!” Jenny said.

They baked the cake. They got a shovel from their dad’s closet. When the cake was done, they took it outside to the yard. They squirted some frosting on it and put candles on top. It was as wide as ten arms. They also poured spicy sauce on top.

“Done,” said Nhung.

“Me and Benny are going to the candy store and the park. Bye,” Jenny said.

“Okay. Bye,” Nhung said. When they left, a man and a woman came along.

“Ooh, that cake looks delicious. Mind if we try a piece?” the woman asked.

“Sure,” Nhung said. Then she cut two pieces of the cake.

“Thank you,” the man said. They took a bite. Then they choked. They collapsed and slowly died. The girls gasped.

“Oh my god! Are they dead?” Nhung asked. “I can’t believe they’re dead!”

“But how!?” Michelle stared at the cake. “The cake!”

“What about it?” Nhung said.

“The cake killed them.”

“Michelle, That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. A cake can’t move!”

“No,” said Michelle. “I mean that the cake is poisonous!”

“But we didn’t put poison in the cake.”

“Maybe it’s something else we put in the cake.”

“Then what did we put in the cake?”

“The wand! It still had magic in it! I thought it was a toy wand!” Michelle said.

Then Michelle put her finger to her head. The cake started to move.

“Grrrr,” the cake growled.

“I-it’s alive!” Nhung said.

“Ahhh!” Michelle screamed.

“Who ate me?!” the cake said, snarling.

“These people did, but blame us,” Michelle said.

“WHAT?! Are you out of your mind? We are going to be killed!” Nhung said, yelling.

“It’s a risk I’m going to take!” Michelle said.

She ran to the kitchen and found two toy knives.

“What are you doing?” Nhung said.

Michelle threw one knife at the cake. The cake started to get angry and grabbed Nhung.

“Help me, Michelle,” Nhung said.

The cake squeezed Nhung. Her face started to turn green. The cake grabbed a chunk of itself and shoved it in Nhung’s mouth. Then threw Nhung to Michelle. Michelle caught Nhung. Nhung was barely breathing. The cake was about to eat them both. Michelle went to her mom’s room and got a syringe from her mom’s drawer. Michelle was lucky that her mom was a surgeon. Then she went to her own room and looked under her bed. She found five water balloons, a slingshot, twelve rocks, and ten rubber bands. She went to her closet. She found a water gun in her jacket. She was lucky that she went to Great America with Nhung the day before and bought a water gun. She went to her Dad’s room and got a sack from his closet. Michelle carefully placed the stuff from under her bed in the sack then ran outside. The cake was about to eat Nhung.

“Stop,” Michelle said. Then the cake spit Nhung out. “I want to spar with you!”

“Fine,” the cake said, looking disgusted.

“Prepare to die,” Michelle said. Then Benny and Jenny came back.

“Hey, a talking cake,” Benny said, staring at the cake and drooling on his lollipop.

“Oohh, cake,” Jenny said. She dropped her lollipop and started to drool. “Mmm.” They stuck their hands in the cake and ate it.

“Nooo!” Michelle said, opening her mouth and running toward Benny, but it was too late. Benny swallowed it. In ten seconds Benny and Jenny choked and died.

“Nooo!” Michelle cried. Her tears were like rain on a hot day. Michelle growled. “You crossed the line.” She got the other toy knife and ran to the cake. She ran so fast that it looked like she was invisible.

“Where are you, ya little twerp,” the cake said, confused.

“Look up!” Michelle said. Michelle stabbed it in the head and threw the water balloons at it.

“Aahh!” the cake groaned, and swiped away the sack.

“Hey!” Michelle said, frowning.

On her velvet belt was her syringe and one of the rocks. She threw the rock at the cake’s head and it turned black and began to rot. She used the syringe to suck up the cake’s blood. She injected it into Nhung, Jenny, and Benny. Then they began to move.

“Ohh, what happened?” Benny said, throwing up.

“Eww! I will never eat cake again,” Jenny said, gagging.

“We sure learned our lesson!” Benny said.

“What lesson?” said Michelle, grinning.

“Never eat a cake possessed by magic that someone put in a toilet,” said Jenny.

“I totally agree!” Nhung said, swallowing her vomit.

The kids’ mom and dad returned.

“We’re back!” Mom said, smiling. “I brought cake from Reno. Who wants some?

“They’re DELICIOUS!” Dad said.

“NOO!” the kids yelled.

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Michelle. I am eleven years old. I have pet dogs and puppies. Marina, Mac and Mark are the puppies and Maya and Mickey are the dogs. I’m also the author of Hard Times for Butterblock and Pixie Trouble.

Hi, my name is Nhung. I’m about to be nine. My birthday is on August 21. My favorite sports are ice-skating and swimming. This is my second published book. I am also the author of The Flying Car.


The Flying Car by Nhung, age 8

Inside a house a little girl was laying in a green and pink bed, drinking hot, steaming cocoa, watching a TV show where people were hitting each other with coconuts. She got up from her bed, sat down in her chair and spun it around. Then she went to make dinner for her dad. When she cooked, hot oil popped up and burned her hand. She made eggs and chicken. When she went to her dad’s room, she saw that he was lying down. When they were done eating dinner they went to the car because they were going to her grandma’s house.

When the father put in the key, the car flew into the sky. They drove to a deep, deep volcano. They clicked a red button with an S on it and then a forcefield surrounded the car and it automatically drove inside the volcano. The car didn’t catch on fire because it was magic. They had never seen a magic car that flew like this car. There were lots of clouds up in the sky.

They got to the Future. The future smelled like roses. They saw that all the cars were blue and their car was yellow. Their car drove them to a park. The parents could not go in the park because only kids could play in that playground and there was another place for moms and dads. The place for moms and dads was noisy and snow was falling down. When the girl was done playing, her father put his key in the car and drove them to their house.

When they got home, they didn’t know that they’d ever left. The father and the girl saw a bell on their mailbox. When they rang the bell the father could not hear the bell because only kids could hear it. Then he told the girl to throw it away but she said, “No, because this bell, it feels like my lucky bell.” The father yelled at her, then she got mad and she went to her room.

When the girl slept, she dreamed that she opened her closet and saw that it was full of water. A river poured out. She floated to the door to her father’s room and she opened the door and there was nothing. She went back to her room and checked her closet but there was nothing there. When she woke up she was sweating. She went downstairs to the kitchen and said sorry to her dad. Her dad was drinking milk. He said, “I’m sorry too.”

About the Author

Hi! I am Nhung. This is my first published story. I am eight and a half years old. I have three best friends. Their names are Michelle, Holly and Kimberly. My birthday is August 21. I have three people in my family: my mom, my dad and me.