A List of Things You Should Do, A List of Things You Should Not Do, by Edmund, age 8

Flush your enemies or else you have to (write your consequence here). Pick your nose. Write your self-consequence if you want a consequence. Put your socks in your mouth because that’s your punishment. Break your own glasses. If you don’t have any, then you have to (write your consequence here). Throw a little bomb in the toilet. Eat your boogers. Break a violin. Carry a brick for trouble. Let a lion bite your super-smelly feet. I’m sorry, if you get in trouble for doing what I say. If this happens then tell the teacher. P.S. I don’t care. P.P.S. I’m not sorry.

Future Wars by Edmund, age 8 & Nathan, age 9

One hundred years in the future…

The Aliens used their scanner to scan Earth to see if there were real living people on the planet.

“The aliens are heading towards the satellite, use the super searchlight,” Captain Nathan said. He heard DJ music and found out that his soldiers were dancing like ballerinas.

“Stop dancing, you nincompoops!” yelled Captain Nathan. “Get started!”

“Get started on what?” said one of the troops.

“Did you even hear me?” Captain Nathan grabbed a pie from a table. “Eat pie troops!” He threw the pie and it hit one of the soldiers and slipped down his face.

“Oh,” said one of the troops. “Now I remember. Use the super searchlight.” All the troops ran to the searchlight.

“I don’t see an alien,” said Sergeant Edmund.

A minute later, a bell rang in the town. It meant the aliens were coming. They came parachuting down.

“Quickly, eat your hotdogs,” ordered Captain Nathan. The troops ate all their hotdogs then burped really loud. This made the parachutes pop. Spaceships zoomed through the sky.

“Hurry to the space pick-up!” said Captain Nathan. The pick-up threw rockets at the alien spaceships, but the spaceships made it to the ground.

“Charge!” said a glowing alien.

“AAAHHH!” said Captain Nathan.

One minute later, the soldiers yelled, “AAAHHH!”

“Stop!” yelled Captain Nathan. “We’re at the gun shack. Get your guns and hurry back.” The soldiers got their weapons.

“Charge!” yelled Captain Nathan.

“Stop!” yelled Sergeant Edmund. “Who built the gun shack so far away?”

“Well,” said a soldier, “if the gun shack was so—“

“Can you shoot the aliens already!” interrupted Captain Nathan.

The troops’ missile car dashed passed them. It shot its missiles at the aliens. KABOOM! The aliens were dead.

“That was a quick battle,” said one of the troops.

But it was just the beginning.

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Edmund. I’m eight years old. This is my first published book. I like to play games on the computer and watch TV. I also have a humongous collection of Hotwheels. My friends call me the Origami Master because I do lots of origami. One day, I invented a new paper plane. It flew over our balcony! It’s called the Megahawk. If I were an animal I would a saber-toothed tiger because they are furious and I am furious.

My name is Nathan. I am nine years old. I live with my dad, mom and my sister. I like to play videogames. When I grow up I want to be a videogame creator. If I could be an animal I would be a rabbit because they are cute and cuddly. Some day I want to be good at ring tossing. I used to be afraid of zombies because I had dreams about them, but not anymore. Now I have dreams about making friends with computers and I laugh when I sleep. I am also the author of Random and Sparrow and About my Dad.