Tinkle Sprinkle by Jeff and Phong, both age 10

Tinkle Sprinkle fell asleep with the TV blaring. A show about a crazy local lunatic trying to destroy the world was on. Two heroes showed up and stopped the world from Armageddon.

“Twelve o’clock,” said Tinkle Sprinkle. “Time for the wedding, I better not be late.” He reached the wedding in time. He took his spot and asked, “Do you, Frosty, take Fat Rat Man as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” said Fat Rat Man.

“And, do you, Fat Rat Man, take Frosty as your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.

“By the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Tinkle Sprinkle jumped up and threw off his cover and just sat there in bed breathing hard. He wondered what his dream was about and fell back asleep.

“Munch Crunch Munch Mmmm donuts,” said Tinkle Sprinkle, the only superhero who lived in Donutville, the village where radioactive donuts and chocolates lived. Donutville had houses made out of red chocolate. Dountville stood on a donut-shaped island next to a 100,000-mile mountain. They had to be careful because rockslides could kill them. Everybody loved fake cannibalism because they thought it made them the king.

While he was eating, an arrow made of blue cheese hit Tinkle Sprinkle in the face. He turned around just in time to slam into Fat Rat Man, the most victorious rat in the world, but Fat Rat Man bit Tinkle Sprinkle’s jelly-filled belly.

Tinkle Sprinkle screamed, “Owwwwww,” and threw poisonous shrunken donuts made out of babies with rabies. Tinkle Sprinkle suspected that Fat Rat Man was up to something. So when Fat Rat Man was about to leave, Tinkle Sprinkle bugged him with an electronic spying device.

Fat Rat Man ran into his Fat Rat lair in the hills, screaming, “Fat Rat crew attack!” His crew followed his instructions and stole all the food sources from Donutville so they could get fatter and real Donutville donuts would starve to death.

Tinkle Sprinkle listened to the bug on Fat Rat Man and he heard the crew’s plans. Tinkle Sprinkle waited until they stole every food source then refilled the donut supply from his sticky armpits.

Tinkle Sprinkle yelled, “Angus donut, attack!” Tinkle Sprinkle was also an Angus Donut, but his boss was on vacation, so Tinkle Sprinkle was in charge for now. Frosty, the Angus donut jumped out and threw flaming donuts at the Fat Rat crew, burning them to death. One of the crewmembers shot rotten cheese at Frosty.

Tinkle Sprinkle said, “P.U,” and shot a gallon of white glaze at Fat Rat Man’s mouth. Fat Rat Man started to puke like a pig. Whoosh! Suddenly Fat Rat Man turned around and puked a great tornado of white glaze at Tinkle Sprinkle.

Tinkle Sprinkle dodged the tornado, shouting, “Fat Rat is a yuck, who has a rubber duck, every time he turns around it goes cluck cluck.” Fat Rat Man got so angry his blood boiled and his tail blew up turquoise, oozing blood. The drops of blood fell like hail on Frosty’s head and he fell to the ground like an old building hit by a wrecking ball.

Frosty suddenly said, “What can I do for you, sir?” Fat Rat Man’s blood could control people, and Fat Rat Man controlled Frosty.
Fat Rat Man knew that he could only control Frosty for a limited time. So Fat Rat Man told Frosty to dance like a ballerina so he could kick Frosty’s butt. After Frosty danced for one minute, Tinkle Sprinkle shoved some warm milk in Frosty’s mouth. All of a sudden, Frosty danced like Bill Clinton.

Frosty screamed like a rock star. He said, “Ooo yeah I like that Fat Rat Man, huh. I love Fat Rat Man! He’s my idol!” Tinkle Sprinkle reached for Fat Rat Man’s minivan and slammed Frosty with it.

Fat Rat Man was so angry he screamed, “Cheesy donuts, attack!!!!!!!.” Suddenly a loud rumble broke out and rocks fell on everybody’s head.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!” Everyone in Donutville screamed as rocks fell on their heads. When the rocks finally stopped, everybody was dead.

About the Authors

Hi! My name is Phong and I am a crazy 10-year-old lunatic who plays on the computer. I usually play Boy Tipping on nick.com, Pokemon Diamond, and Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 on Game Cube with Jeff when he comes to my house. This is my third published story. I am also the author of Nine Nightmares and Peanut Butter Zombo.

Hi. My name is Jeff and I like to play on the computer. I also like to play two square with my friend Phong. This is my second published story. I am also the author of A Sky Without Clouds.

July, by Phong & Johnson, both age 10

In my past life I was a table
I fed people rotten oatmeal
and rusty metal

In my past life I was a stick of chalk
I wrote math problems and sentences and
when I died I became dust

In my past life I was a germ
I would make people sick and
when they would cough
I would get angry and
throw garbage cans

In my next life I will be a cobra
I will bite people and live in the tall grass
and I will be king