My Name by Anna, age 11

My American Name

Hi my name is Anna. I found out that my name means “joyful and merciful.” A nurse from San Francisco General Hospital named me. My parents liked the name because it was easy to remember. I like my name because it is a palindrome.

My Chinese Name

My chinese name is Fong Mei Na. My grandpa named me. The character for Fong is similar to the character for horse. My great-great grandfather’s last name used to be the character that means horse (ma). He worked for the governor and he was about to get killed so he moved to a far-away place and added two lines to the character for his name and it became the name Fong. This way he changed his identity and this is why I am a Fong. Mei means “have a good life” and “pretty.” Na means “have good things.” So my name means good things and good life and pretty. I was given this name because my grandpa wanted me to have a good life and things. I think I have a good life, but just a little bit because sometimes bad things happen to me.

HYPNOTIZED by Kimberly & Anna, both age 10

Violence, action and bus transfer that comes to life… are you joining the party?

Chapter 1

Cobwebs and spiders hung from the ceiling of the bus, empty as a hollow tree. The Mystery was on his way to Janet’s house to plan a birthday party for Janet’s Mom. Voices whispered and a wolf howled at the moon. The Mystery jumped off the bus and walked to Janet’s house.

As The Mystery and Janet planned the party, Janet’s Mom came back early from a class called How To Get an Attractive Man That Will Fall For You and Marry You.

“Hide!!!” said The Mystery.

They hid behind the sofa.

“I thought I saw The Mystery and Janet here,” Janet’s mom said to herself.

Janet’s mom walked to the bedroom and put on fake tanning lotion.

The Mystery’s bus transfer began to wiggle and grow. Arms, legs and a head blossomed from its body. It was three feet tall. It cast a spell.

“Obey my commands and you’ll know what to do,” the transfer said. “No matter what you do, turn your good side into stew. Abracashakachra! My fun shall live in true pain.”

Janet was hypnotized but the Mystery was not. He just pretended to be. He made his eyes turn white. Janet tried to break the spell by hitting herself, but it didn’t work. Eventually Janet completely lost control of her body. The Mystery only pretended he did.

“I will grant you any terrifying wish you want,” said the transfer.

“I wish for a gun,” Janet said.

“Granted, check your pocket,” said the transfer.

“Thank you,” Janet said, looking at the transfer with an evil expression.

“I want a dragon,” said The Mystery. “And I want it as my pet and I want it to be red and it has to obey every command I say.”

“Granted, it’s behind you,” said the transfer.

“Thank you,” said The Mystery. “Now let’s go destroy the world.”

“You got it,” said the transfer.

“Ok,” said Janet.

“I’m going to be giving you each two weapons,” said the transfer.

“Ok,” said Janet.

“Janet,” the transfer said. “You get a shot gun and two nun-chucks. The Mystery, you will get two machine guns and one hundred hand grenades. Get ready to rock, let’s go!”

“Okay!” said The Mystery.

It was time to roll.

Chapter 2
The Bank Robbery

“I’ll climb on to The Mystery’s shoulder,” said the transfer, climbing on. “Let’s roll.”

The Mystery and Janet climbed on the red dragon and took off. They arrived at the Bank of Junk Food.

“First stop at the bank to steal the junk food and money,” said Janet.

Janet kicked the door open.

“Freeze,” said the Mystery.

“Nobody move,” said Janet.

“Put the money and the junk food in the bag,” said The Mystery.

The teller put the cash into the moneybag. Janet, The Mystery and the transfer ran away. They saw Janet’s mom in front of the bank.

“Hi,” said Janet’s mom.

“Shut up!” said The Mystery.

“No,” said Janet’s mom. “You don’t talk to me like that. I’m gonna call your principal!”

She opened up her cell phone and dialed. “The Mystery and Janet told me to shut up,” said Janet’s mom.

She listened for a minute and then hung up.

Janet and The Mystery looked down at their hands. Their skin turned green, they began to grow claws on their fingers and toes, and finally scales appeared on their bodies and tales sprouted from their butts. They were dragons. Janet was the dragon of darkness. She breathed out dark breath and The Mystery was the fire dragon. He breathed out fire breath.

“OMG!” said the transfer. “Why does this always happen when I take control of people?”

Their scales melted like water flowing into a river. The spell wore off, they returned to human form.

Chapter 3
The New Girl

Janet and The Mystery walked to the park. They met a new girl with humungous muscles bulging out over her white tube top. She picked up a sharp stick and threw it at a blue jay.

“What’s your name?” asked The Mystery.

“Me?” asked the new girl.

“Yes you,” said Janet.

“Kathy,” said the new girl.

“I can tell you like violence,” The Mystery said. “Do you wanna help us destroy an annoying bus transfer.”

“A bus transfer?”

“Yeah,” Janet said. “It came to life and put us under a nasty spell.”

“Sure,” Kathy said.

They walked and found Janet’s mom.

“Hi mom!” Janet said.

“Who is that girl?” asked Janet’s mom.

“Never mind that, let’s huddle!” said Janet.

They huddled.

“First, Kathy attacks,” said The Mystery. “Then me, Next Janet and Last Janet’s mom.”

“Ok, the transfer’s going down,” Janet whispered.

Chapter 4
The Big Battle

At last they found the transfer at the hair salon next door to the Junk Food bank and pulled him out. The transfer sent down four fireballs from the sky to crush them. They dodged them. Kathy slashed the transfer’s arms, so it couldn’t cast strong spells. But instead it cast spells with great effects. They struck The Mystery. The Mystery was in pain. Janet ran to him, pulled a sleeve off of her sweater and covered his wound. The Mystery shot the transfer on the leg with the gun. It survived. It cast more spells but everyone dodged. Janet chopped off the Transfer’s other leg with her dagger. Immediately Janet’s mom whacked the transfer on the head with her nun chucks. Its wound bled badly. The transfer melted like ice cream in the heat. Everything that the transfer granted as a wish disappeared. Janet’s mom fainted because she used too much of her energy.

“Are you alright?” said Janet

“What do you think?” said Janet’s mom, opening her eyes.

The puddle reformed in the shape of the transfer. “The Mystery, I have to find that person.”

Dun Dun Dun!!!!!

To Be Continued…

Please join us for our next adventure in Betrayal!

About the Authors

Hi! My name is Kimberly. I am ten years old. I live with my mom, dad and sister in San Francisco. My hobby is playing dodge ball. My goal is to publish Episode Two of Stink and Ink with Holly, and beat Sandy’s book publishing record in Robyn’s class. When I grow up I want to become an author of Stink and Ink books. My favorite animal is a wolf spider because it’s big and scary. This is my fifth published book. I am also the author of Muni Disaster and Other Stories, Spy Twins, Spy Master’s Death and Quan, Who Buys Us Dim-sum. Be sure to visit our blog,, and read about our class mural. Holly and I wrote the post.

Hi! My name is Anna. I am ten years old. I live with my mom in San Francisco. My goal is to publish another book this year. My favorite animal is a coyote. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist. This is my third published book. I am also the author of Wolves and The Magic Silkworm.

The Magic Silkworm by Trang, age 10 & Anna, age 9

One day, princess Jenny found a silkworm under a mulberry tree. She thought it was cute and thought it would make a great pet. She picked it up carefully without dropping it and went back to her castle. She didn’t know that the silkworm was magical!
“I’ll put you in a container,” Jenny said, putting the silkworm into a pickle jar. Then she went to sleep. When she was sleeping the silkworm quickly spun silk and made a gown. When Jenny woke up she saw a beautiful gown made out of the silkworm’s cocoon. It shimmered in the light. When the king and queen saw the gown they were amazed.

“Who made this glamorous gown?” the queen said, smiling.

“I don’t know, mother,” said Jenny.

Out of nowhere, the Silkworm Prince appeared and said, “I made it out of my silk.” The Silkworm Prince closed his eyes while he was talking.

“How?” said the King.

“Well I am a silkworm,” said the Prince.

The parents laughed and laughed until they had cramps. The King and Queen did not believe the Silkworm Prince. “He’s dumb,” said the King.

“And he’s useless too,” said the Queen.

“But I am a silkworm!” said the prince.

“I trust you!” said Jenny.

“What?” said the Queen.

“I really love the Silkworm Prince,” said Jenny, “and I think I am going to have two baby girls soon.”

“Who is the father?” The King said.

“The Silkworm Prince!” said Jenny.

“YOU ARE GROUNDED JENNY!” the Queen said. “I mean it! Nothing will change my mind!”

“Noo!” Jenny yelled.

The queen was annoyed.

“I think you’re right, my love,” said the King.

While Jenny’s parents were talking, she left with the Silkworm Prince by tiptoeing out. The silkworm Prince took Jenny to a magical castle and this is where the babies were born. Only people who believed in magic could see it. People who didn’t believe in magic just walked passed it.

The King and Queen noticed Princess Jenny was gone! The king told the bravest knights to find his little girl, but the queen just panicked. The Queen said, “Where’s my baby?”

The knights looked far and near but Jenny was nowhere to be found. Rocky, one of the knight’s sons, believed in magic and other fairytales. He found Jenny in the castle.

“There you are,” said Rocky “You should go home.”

“No way! I don’t want to!” said Jenny. “My Parents are mean and cruel to the Prince and they don’t believe he is a prince!”

“Did you say a silkworm was a prince?” said Rocky.

“Do you have a problem with that?” said Jenny.

“Oh my god lady! Are you nuts?” said Rocky.

“How dare you say that to your future QUEEN,” said Jenny. “You are an insult!”

“How dare you say that to me, you you … you …you girly girl,” said Rocky.

Rocky kept on jabbering while Jenny slipped away and locked the door. The Silkworm Prince was right outside and was about to knock on the door. Jenny and the Prince went outside and put wheels under the castle then linked it to their car. When they were about to go, twenty guards show up and surround them. “Halt or else!” said one of the guards. Princess Jenny and the Silkworm Prince were shocked that they got caught. They thought there were no guards. Then the queen came out with the king from behind the guards. The queen took Jenny’s arm tightly and walked her back to their castle and locked Jenny in her room. The king grabbed the Silkworm and put him in the dungeon, leaving the two baby girls crying in the car.

“I will never see my Silkie again,” said Jenny, wiping a tear from her eye.

The Silkworm Prince walked back and forth in the dungeon, saying, “When will I get out of here so I can save my Honeybunch and destroy the king and queen?”

Jenny found a sharp piece of metal and scraped cement off the brick wall in her room. “I hope I’m not too late,” she said, wondering if her babies were dead. She scraped and scraped and made some bricks come loose then she pushed them out and escaped. Jenny found her babies still crying and fed them milk. She crept into her parents’ room and took ten bags of gold and the key to the dungeon and some clothes and lots of food. Jenny let the Silkworm Prince out of the dungeon and they went to the city and bought a house.

“Let’s get married,” said the Silkworm Prince.

“Ok,” Jenny said. “Let’s have a huge cake!”

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Trang. I am also the author of Fox and Bear and My Grandma Lives in Canada. I like Littlest Pet Shop, Sailor Moon, Winx Club and ice-skating. I like Halloween because I get candy and I like Christmas because I get presents.

Hi, my name is Anna. This is my second published book. I am also the author of Wolves. I am nine and a half years old. My favorite subject in school is math. I am good at reading. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. My biggest fear is a hundred needles going into my arm. I wonder if dead people can ever come back to life.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun By Trang, Tiana, Ivy & Anna

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Don’t tell us girls bore you
because we just wanna have fun
Don’t tell us to put a middle-sized white rat in our teacher’s shirt
because we will get in trouble
Don’t tell us to shave our heads bald
because we will be called weirdos
Don’t tell us to smoke
because cancer can kill us
Don’t tell us we’re ugly
because you are bizarre
Don’t tell us to play football
because the ball will land on our stomachs
Tell us you want to race us
because we’ll win

Wolves By Anna, age 9

There was a happy town and the people there never fought. Then one day a pack of wolves came to the town. When the wolves came, people in the town of Happiness started a food fight with brown bananas. The wolves crossed out “Happiness” and wrote “Wolf Town.” Each day more wolves came and the people started turning into wolves but only on the inside, so the other people still thought Happiness was the same. But later, when people got to Happiness and saw that the sign said WOLFTOWN, they started growing fur all over their bodies. When they read the sign the words became lasers that hit the people and this made them turn into wolves. More and more people came to see the town because they saw it on the news. People everywhere were talking about it.

One day a boy went to the town with his friends. They said, “Shouldn’t we be heading back home?”

“No,” said the boy as he picked his nose.

So they went through the gate to the town and everything was silent. They heard a howl. They were shivering. It was like a ghost town. Nobody talked. They only howled. A bunch of wolves surrounded them and the Wolf Governor came. He was the meanest wolf, that’s why all the other wolves voted for him.

“Why are you in my town?” the Wolf Governor said, stomping his feet. His voice was like a helicopter hovering over the boy’s head.

The kids were scared, but the boy said, “We are looking around, and why are you in costumes?”

“We are not wearing costumes,” said the Wolf Governor. “We are real talking wolves.” The wolves showed their teeth and claws as if they were about to have a feast.

The boy’s friends were tugging him because they wanted to go.

The boy said, “We heard that people who come here never leave.”

“They don’t because we have a laser that turns people into wolves. We wolves rock!”

“No you don’t,” said the boy, twitching his eye. He made his voice louder. “Humans rock! Humans have fingers and wolves don’t.”

“Wolves have paws. You humans disgust me. It’s time to eat our meal.”

The boy’s friends were tugging on him to turn around and go back home.

“No, I want to stay,” the boy said.

The wolves attacked the boy’s friends and put them in jail. It made them think of an old haunted house.
They were screaming, “Help!”

“We’ll keep your friends in jail unless you sacrifice yourself by letting us eat you instead.”

“He looks juicy and plump,” said one of the wolves.

“No! I do not want to get eaten,” the boy said.

“So you do not want to save your friends?”

“I do want to save my friends. How about a deal? I’ll let you eat my parents because they wanted to throw me out in the woods.”

The Wolf Governor thought about when he was a little wolf. His parents didn’t take very good care of him when he was a baby. He had to find his own food and his parents left him when they became billionaires. He had to raise himself so he really disliked parents.

“Ok we’ll eat your parents and let your friends out.”

“I’ll bring them here so you can feast on them, but let my friends out.”

“Ok, bring your parents tomorrow, then we’ll let your friends out. Now go back home so you can get ready for tomorrow.”

“Ok,” said the boy.

He went back home and went to sleep. The next morning the boy took his mom and dad to Wolftown. When they got there, the boy had some food so his parents could eat because they skipped breakfast. They played a thinking game and waited until night and the boy didn’t tell his parents that they would be eaten. When it was night, the boy’s parents told him it was time to go home, but he said no. They agreed to stay and did some exploring while the boy talked to the wolves.

The wolves came out and told the boy, “Are you ready to surrender your parents?”

“Yes. I am ready to let you eat my parents.”

“Good. Tell them that they will be eaten alive.”

“No, they will be scared, so instead I’ll say goodbye to them.”

The boy found his parents. “Good bye,” he said.

“Why are you saying goodbye?” said his parents.

“Because you are going to be eaten by wolves.” The boy got nervous so he told the truth.

“What? You want us to be dead?”

“I let them eat you so they would free my friends.”

“Well, they have to catch us first.” The boy’s parents ran as fast as they could. They ran out of Wolftown. The wolves didn’t catch them because they were too full from eating another boy.

“Now the deal is off,” said the Wolf Governor.

“You can’t keep my friends hostage.”

“Yes we can.”

“Let them go! Eat my parents! They went that way!” The boy pointed towards the gate to Wolftown.

The wolves followed the parents’ scent then they found them behind a tree. They snuck up behind the tree and caught the parents. The wolves built a fire and tied the parents to a pole and roasted them. When the parents were done cooking, the wolves ate them.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Anna. I am nine years old. I was born on October 12, 1998. This is my first published book. I was born in San Francisco then I moved to Sacramento, then I moved back again. I live with my mom. I like to draw. I’m good at reading and I want to be better at math. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. I’m different from other kids because I was in a car accident. My biggest fear is falling off a cliff.