THE FOOT SMELLERS By Pradipti, age 9 & Jessica C., age 8

Fog floats through the air. Snowmen and women slither through the snow. Aunney Dumpbe Dobay opens the door. Fog drifts into the house. Auney looks a little mean but pretty. Whenever someone gets mad at her she always slaps herself in the face and leaves a red hand mark. In front of new boys Aunney acts graceful and smart. In class she helps the boys do math problems. Someone must like her. Someone who is mean like Aunney.       
“Are you making a blizzard in the house again?” asks Aunney’s twin sister, Tunney Dumbe Dobay. 
Aunney stomps and crosses her arms. “Hey, don’t you say that.”
Mommy!” says Tunney, stomping her feet.
“So I’m telling dad. Daddy!” cries Aunney.
“Mom. She brought in snow again!” Tunney yells, jumping around like a baby. Tunney raises her eyebrows.
Whenever any of the Dobay family walk or run they leave slimy green trails that are invisible to the living. Every night they get out of their tombs and leave gooey pathways right across the roof of Feastwill Elementary School!
Aunney squeezes Tunney’s neck until she leaves red fingerprints then she pushes Auney down onto the foursquare court and runs. Their parents shout from the bench. Their mom jumps up and slaps Tunney in the back. Their dad runs over and slaps Aunney in the back. 
“Stop it dad you’re making it worse! Ha!” screams Tunney.
“Shoot!” says their dad. “How am I making it worse?” 
The twins’ mom slaps both girls in the face! “Gugu shoot!”
“Oh sorry we slapped your body,” say Mr. and Mrs. Dobay.
Mrs.Dobays wobbles to the house and jumps onto the bed.
When Mr. Dobay gets home he kicks the bed and now it is rolling across the room.
“Help! Help!” cries the twins’ mom. 
“Why did you scold me?” asks the girls’ dad.
“No. No No. NO!” scolds Mrs. Dobay and then burps in his face!
He sticks his tongue out.
While Tunney is sleeping Aunney wakes up and gets a fake rattling snake! Its scales thumble next to Tunney’s nose. The snake makes the sound, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
“Ah! Help me Aunney!” Tunney says.
“What happened, Devil? Ha?” shouts Aunney.
“A snake! A SNAKE!”
A sound rattles in the room.
“Don’t worry. The toy snake makes sounds sometimes.”
“No, it’s something else.”
Something shuffles in the snow Aunney tracked across the floor.
A bottle jumps into the girls’ bed.
“Ah!” shout the girls. “That’s so scary!”
Some words write themselves on the bottle. The words say: It’s us! Foot Smellers 1 and FS 2! Meet us at school!
“Well,” the girls say, “we don’t know you, Foot Smellers, so go away!”
Pom pom. The bottle shatters and the broken pieces of glass hop out of the room. Soon the girls are asleep. 
In the morning the Dobay family eats bowls of darkish colored, icy junk food and the girls go to school.  In the girls’ bathroom it smells like socks on feet and socks in shoes. The little black rat door underneath the sink cracks open and….KABOOM!! A bottle shatters and the Foot Smellers appear.
“Hello! Remember us? We’re the Foot Smellers!”
“Yeah!” the twins say. “But we will see you after school. We would met you at recess but we are going on a field trip to the beach because today is the last day of fourth grade.”
After school the sisters meet the Foot Smellers.
The one with white eyes says, “I am Bookee.”
The one with rotten teeth says, “I am Smukee. La La you fart too much, Tunney.”
Bookee says, “And Aunney, you burp too much.”
The Foot Smellers slither out of the bathroom and through the snow on the playground. They find their little bottle in the snow and jump in.
Words write themselves on the glass. Hi how are you? If you dare to open this bottle you have to be brave as a dragon! Howdy my dear! You have nothing to fear! My dear, now go! The Foot Smellers have nothing to eat! 
The twins hop and rollerskate through the telephone wires to their secret hiding place. Their family is having a party there. Soon the whole family starts crying. They sing, ”Salut comment allez vous? Si vous osez ouvrir cette bouteille, vous devez être méchante comme une sorcière! Ma chère Howdy nouveau. Vous avez nohting à craindre! Mon cher, allez maintenant! Les Smellers pieds n’ont rien à mauger!”
“Ha HA HA HA HA HA!” The bottle is back! It wiggles and jiggles. Glitter sprinkles out and into the girls’ noses. Jangle, tangle, and Kaboom! The girls return to death.
About the Authors
Hello! My name is Jessica. I am eight and a half years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I am good at drawing. I love to read spooky stories and I like to knit. My family comes from China. I was born in Toisan but I haven’t been back since I was a baby. I would like to go there because my dad came back from China and brought back a pack of dried plums that cost 100 dollars! I didn’t know there could be such expensive fruit. My favorite Room 2 author is Pradipti because she is my best friend. My favorite book is When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne because it has lots of interesting poems. If I were weather I would be snow because I love white. The thing I was wondering is when did life on earth begin and how did the world start? When I grow up I want to be botanist and an astronomer and a sushi chef. I would like to be famous for art. I am different from other kids because I am small. The scariest thing in my life was when I thought there was a ghost behind me in the girls’ bathroom. If I could go back in time I would go to 2004 because I would like to see what I looked like when I was a baby because all of my baby pictures are in China. If I were a plant I would be a chrysanthemum because it is really soft and pretty. If I had a superpower I would like to control things with my mind so I could make objects float to me. I speak Taishanese and Cantonese at home. The happiest day of my life was when my cousins came back from Los Angeles. I am also the author of Things I left Behind. This is my second published book.
Bonjour, my yummy candies! I hope you enjoyed our story! This my last published book so please enjoy it! My name is Pradipti. I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, brothers, sisters, and my dad! I am in the same class as Jessica Chen in 3rd grade, Room 10 with Ms.Karihara. Our CDC teachers in Room 2 are Robyn and Harold. I love to joke around. I am good at yelling. That is why I get in trouble a lot! I want to be good at ELA someday. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. This is why I joke around. I get sad when people say, “You are a midget!” If I were weather I would be snow because I love snow. My favorite Room 2 author is JC because she is my best-best friend! My favorite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it has chocolates! I would like to be famous for my art someday! One thing I always ask my mom is, “Is it true we only have seven lives?” The happiest day of my life was when my new baby sister was born! I speak English, Tamang and Nepali at home. My family comes from Nepal and I was born there. If I could go back in time I would be a baby again so I wouldn’t have to worry too much. If I could go forward in time I would go to the end of the world. I would like to go all over the Earth. I love spooky books. If I were a plant I would be Rhododendron because it is pretty and it is Nepal’s national flower. If I were a machine I would be a weather machine because I want it to snow in San Francisco! If I had a power it would be the power of invisibility. I am also the author of Wishing Factory. This is my second published book and my last published book in Room 2!  

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WISHING FACTORY By Pradipti, age 8

The first time 
I heard English
it sounded like a factory.
Busy, noisy, banging machines.
The first words
I heard in my new school
were, “Welcome to our classroom.”
I did not understand, 
so I said, “Yes.”
Now, Nepalese sounds like fast flying birds.
Striped Tail
In Katmandu there are no garbage cans.
Papers, food, trash.
People just throw it in the streets.
The buses are full of people,
inside, and on top of the roof.
There are no seats up there,
just a ladder connected to the bus,
going down the back like a striped tail.
Even when the bus is moving,
People climb up the ladder.
My mom and I only rode inside
because she says the roof 
is too dangerous.
Frog Talk
The Kalimati is the place with all the restaurants.
You can get samosas and laddu.
Shopkeepers yell, “A ata timro laddu ra pedha.”
My mom buys four samosas.
We eat them with our hands.
Then we go home.
At night,
through the windows,
I hear frog talk.
It sounds like frogs
But it might be the stars
About the Author
Hi! My name is Pradipti. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I am eight years old. My favorite things to do are knitting and drawing. When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. I want to be the kind of lawyer who helps people who do not have very much power. I also want to be a lawyer because there are no lawyers in my family. I’m the tiniest kid in my class. It makes me sad when people say I’m little. This is my first published book.