LOOKING FOR LAVENDER By Anny & Vicky, both age 11

Lavender and her sisters twirl in the sky above their backyard. Birds sing. They chirp into the blue. Covered in seaweed, the Demon King swaggers through the clouds. He hurdles to Lavender and smacks her cheeks. Blood rolls down her chin. She howls, fainting. He shakes his wand at her. A tiny box drops out of his pocket. Thump. The box sucks her into its stomach.
“Hahaha, I got Lavender. When Madam finds out her precious daughter is missing, she will give me her magical wand. I’ll be the King of the Fairy Land soon!”
Mint and Rose flutter with the birds past kites.
“Did you hear that?” asks Mint.
“Hear what?” Rose wonders. 
“Where is that sound coming from?”
“I don’t know.”
The fairies practice their powers. They loop, swirl, swing, and twirl through the sky. They fly together and meet in a circle. The sisters hold hands, a rainbow appears in the middle.
“Stop this,” says Rose.
“Why?” asks Tulip.
Lavender isn’t here,” Rose says. “We have to stop immediately when I count to three.”
The others look confused. “We’re ready,” says Mint.
“Okay one, two, three,” says Rose. The wind pushes her into a red ray of sun. 
The queen walks through the air, watching her daughters. “What are you girls doing?” asks Madam. Leaves fall on their hands. The clouds stop moving. The sisters pause. 
“Nothing, we are practicing our powers,” Mint says. 
“One, two, three of you. Where is Lavender?” Madam asks.
Sweat drips down Rose’s face. “Maybe inside.” Her legs shake.             
“Tell her to come out,” Madam says.
“I’ll check,” says Mint. She flies inside the palace but Lavender is not there. She returns to the backyard. “We don’t know where Lavender is. I think she got trapped. We can’t practice our powers without her.”
A voice whispers inside Rose’s mind, I have control over you. Rose tries to say something, but the voice shuts her mouth. 
“Rose,” says Madam. “I trust you to find Lavender.”
“Lavender,” Rose calls, darting through the sky, “You need to come home now.
Leave her alone,” says a voice in the clouds.
Rose turns around. Lavender is tied to a sky-tree. “Lavender?”
“Yes, it’s me!”
“What happened?”
“The Demon King did all this to me. He shrunk me and put me in a purple box. When I got out of the box he wasn’t there. I was tied up like this. Good thing I got big again. Tell Madam to come here.”
Swoosh. Up Rose goes back to the sky palace. “Madam, Madam,” she says. “I found Lavender.”
“Where is she?” asks Madam. 
Light sprints from the sky and points her wand at an empty house below. Dead leaves lay on the ground. Dust flies everywhere. Wind swirls through the air. Darkness covers the sky. The light dims as Madam walks down the cloud stairs. Whoosh
“Finally you’re here,” Demon King says, laughing.
“Who are you?” asks Madam.
“You don’t need to know.” 
“Come out, I’m not afraid of you.” 
“You should be afraid of me.”
Help, Madam!” yells Lavender.
“Don’t worry Lavender, I will come back.”
Madam goes to a house of potions. “Help! Anyone there?” she asks.
“Who is that?” a wizard asks.
“It is me, Madam. Don’t you recognize my voice? I am the queen!” 
“Oh sorry, I was too busy making a potion.”
“With a crystal ball?” 
Yep and what do you need help with?”
“Lavender is tied up and the one who kidnapped her wants my powerful wand. It is the Demon King. He must want to be the king of the Fairy Land.”
“Don’t worry,” the wizard says, handing her a purple jar. “I have a potion for that.”
“Bye,” Madam says and zips away.
“She could’ve said thanks. Who am I kidding? She is the queen.”
Madam flies back to where Lavender is tied up. “I gonna kill him. People who mess with me never have a good ending.” She pours the potion over Lavender’s head. The clouds brighten, evilness disappears. The ropes fade away. 
“I am free! Thanks, Madam.” Lavender says. She skips to Madam and gives her a big hug. Fireworks pop and pinken the sky. Lavender walks through the clouds. On the other side, her sisters sit on a floating bench.
“Hey guys!” says Lavender.
“Lavender, you are back!” says Mint.
A rainbows appears and shines down on the sisters.
Hi, my name is Anny. I am a fifth grader going into sixth. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I was born in China and came to San Francisco when I was four. At home I speak Chinese. I am good at math. I want to be good at baking cakes. I am different from other kids because I wear my hood up a lot. If I could be anything thing in this world I would be rain because people hate it when it rains. Writing this book was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life! This is my second published book. Yay! It took Vicky, and me almost a year to finish this book. I am also the author of Connie’s Magic
Hi. My name is Vicky. I am a fifth grader going into sixth grade. I live in San Francisco with my mom dad and my sister. I speak Chinese and English at home. I’m good at math. I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I am also the author of On Tumble Legs, Sunny’s Poison, Memories of Toisan, and Guang Zhou Zoo. This is my fifth published book.

CONNIE’S MAGIC By Anny, age 8

It is cold and windy. Connie flies in the sky with the birds. She doesn’t have any friends but she has a magic wand. She found it behind the trees.

Her stepmother calls to her in the sky. “It’s time to make cakes.”

Connie leaves the sky. She goes to the kitchen. Her stepsister Ling is at the table. Connie asks her for help. “Get the sugar and milk and eggs,” Connie says.

Ling says, “No.”

Connie stomps to the cupboard and takes out the flour.” I wish you would leave if you’re not going to help,” Connie yells.

Ling throws all of the eggs on the floor and steps on them.

“Get out!” Connie says. Connie goes to her stepmother. “Mei,” Connie says. “Ling’s bothering me.”

“I am not!” Ling says.

“Don’t talk to Ling like that,” Connie’s stepmother says. “Go to your room and stay there.”

Connie flies back to the sky. She hears music. On top of a sky mountain there is a girl playing a flute. The girl flies away and Connie follows her. She catches up with her on the other side of the sky mountain. “What is your name,” Connie asks.

“Hi! My name is Amy.”

Connie asks if she can be Amy’s friend. “Don’t let my stepmother and my stepsister know we’re friends,” says Connie.

“Why not?”

“They are mean.”


“They always tell me to do everything.”

“I’ll save you,” Amy says. “Let’s use our magic to get to my garden.”

“But l don’t how to use my magic,” says Connie.

“What do you mean you don’t know how to use your magic? You’re flying! I will show you one time only. Here’s how. First, point your magic wand at the ground, that’s all.”

The girls fly to Amy’s backyard. They fill cans with water and pour it over the flowers. Their petals open and the flowers have faces underneath. The flowers stare at Amy and Connie then start to chat. The petals of a red rose blow open. Its mouth moves. Its sharp teeth shine. “Hi,” the rose says. “Welcome to our garden.”

About the Author

Hi! My name is Anny. I am eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I like to play the keyboards. I am good at writing and swimming. I want to be good at math someday and I wish I were better at drawing. I want to be a nurse when I grow up so I can help people. I don’t get why preschool teachers in China don’t let us hug our moms and dads. If I were a tree I would be a redwood tree so that I could grow tall. This is my first published book.