Follow My Rules By Jennifer, age 10

Shut up, or I’ll shut you up. Stop texting, or you’ll pay the phonebill. Wash your hands in the chalkdust because I love it. Smell my feet. I washed them with soap. I love the color green. the color green makes me pretty. Give me four dollars please. I want to save up. The clock won’t be squeaky if don’t put barbeque sauce on it. Truly. Wash the floor. It’s sticky with tacky glue. Get off, it’s my turn. Let me play. Yurky is a weird word. Don’t be racist because that is horrible. Give me the remote. Please. I’m the boss here. Run faster! Slower! Just run faster please. I love that channel! Don’t change it or else I will pour hot brownie fudge with sprinkles on you. Don’t take something that is not yours. Don’t pick somebody else’s nose. Don’t steal from a bank or else you will go to jail. Always stand up straight or you will look weird when you are an adult. Don’t hold a knife or you will hurt yourself.

Bathtub By Jennifer, age 9

By Jennifer

Don’t tell me to give you a sponge bath
because I don’t know you.
Don’t tell me to rob my father
because he has cameras everywhere.
Don’t tell me to kiss my mom’ s nephew
because he has bad breath.
Don’t tell me to wake up at six in the morning
because I’m still wearing a facial mask.
Don’t tell me to do drugs
because they’re going to give me lead poison.
Don’t tell me to be a vegetarian
because I love meat and meat loves me.
Tell me to fill your bathtub with venom
because I want to.