OFFICE By Misu, Binh, Jack, Tony, Nam & Timothy, age 9 & Angelina, age 8

By Misu, Angelina, Binh, Jack, Tony, Nam & Timothy 

From a wire above, papers dangle.
Bandages flu
er onto the floor,
and the smell of blood and Purell leaps through the air. 

Scribbled letters dance across 
white boards
that reflect
florescent light
and sunshine
piercing through the window.
Ms. Peggy slides a drawer shut 

and paper clips 
clink and scatter across her desk.
Steam rises from a mug of co
ffee, and when 
that kid who breaks crayons 
knocks it over,
dark liquid puddles on the floor.
Ring ring ring.
Click click click.

In the corner,
balls gobble air.


Nine Things about Me

By Nam Nguyen
I was born in the 
Year of the Dog.
(Maybe this is why
I like to run.)
One time I went to the hospital,
and the doctors asked me three questions:
What flavored air do you want?
Does your bump feel itchy?
Does your bump hurt?
My parents met at a funeral.
(But the sadness
is not in me.)